Valuation and condition report of the works, the link within the collection and its connection with the current art system. Control of authenticity, provenance and dating through historical-critical research and scientific analysis.

Acquisitions and sales

  • Pre-acquisition condition reports
  • Purchase plans: Primary and secondary market (artist, auctions, fairs, galleries)
  • Insurance advice, valuations, transactions, taxes, contract review and storage
  • Administration: Shipping and installation of the work(s)

Documentation, installation and collection management

  • Condition report of the collection and conservation techniques
  • Schematic maintenance of the collection
  • Restoration of the collection
  • Database management with specific programs
  • Space design and lighting
  • Art installation, including multimedia or monumental works
  • Advice on the framing
  • Assistance to the transportation, export and import of works
  • General evaluations

Exhibitions planning and design

  • Design of collections and exhibitions for public and private spaces, indoors and outdoors
  • Collaboration with architectural and urban projects
  • Conceptual and operational profile of interdisciplinary projects that contribute to the development of the community and its link with museums, foundations, philanthropic organizations and art spaces.


  • Criticism, research and publications on art
  • Conferences, workshops, lectures
  • Development of the education program

Art & Travel

  • Customized visit art fairs, biennials, artist studios and exclusive events that offer a comprehensive client experience

Public Relations

  • Advice on the communication program
  • Curatorial suggestions and specific connections between the collection and the audience according to the objectives
  • Design, organization and opening of events